Henkel Technomelt® GA 485D™

Henkel Technomelt® GA 485D™ – Book-Binding Adhesive

Henkel Technomelt® GA 485D™ is a translucent white, hot melt adhesive that is compatible with EVA and Paper Materials. It is used for a soft-cover spine in book-binding. It is a high viscosity adhesive, with a melting point of +230°F.

The spine of a catalog, book, or magazine is the most demanding area and requires a unique combination of products and processes to withstand long-term storage and repetitive stress.

Henkel offers a proven complete range of adhesives used for book-binding, including Technomelt® GA 485D™, excellent mechanical stability for clean application, and different chemistry for optimal performance.


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Henkel Technonmelt® GA 485D™